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Cochin is located on the southwestern coast of India. There are various stories as to how Cochin got its present name. According to a theory, Cochin is a modified form of the word ‘Cochazhi’ which means ‘small lagoon’ in Malayalam. Another group believes that traders from the court of the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan gave Kochi the name of their homeland. One thing that could prove this theory is that Cochin is the only place where you can find Chinese fishing nets outside of China. The British, Dutch, Arabs and Portuguese have left their mark in the city and around.

Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala. It has developed into a business centre, cultural crest, and of course, a tourist haven. Old churches, beautiful beaches, quiet backwaters and nearby wildlife reserves and eco-tourism areas make Cochin a beauty in all aspects. Within the city and suburbs as well as in the nearby districts there are umpteen sightseeing spots, waterfalls, sanctuaries, forest reserves, beaches and much more to be visited.

There are a variety of accommodation options in and around the city-resorts, hotels, homestays, eco lodges and others. Homestays are a great choice as you get to stay with a family and enjoy all aspects of Kerala life there.

This site offers good quality Homestay and Bed-and-Breakfast accommodation in Kerala. You can expect in-depth detail about cities in Kerala, tourist spots, accommodation options for travellers and students, tour packages and anything else you would want to know about the state.

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